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To learn how technology working for you as your best employee.

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what are the main tools that you need to build a list

1. Make it insanely easy for people to sign up to your email list
Whichever tactics you use to build your list, you need to make things extremely simple. If you turn the process of signing up to your list into a long winded process, people won’t subscribe.

2. Make your “opt-in bribe” highly relevant

However you decide to entice people to subscribe to your email list, you need to keep your offer hyper relevant to your target audience.

Here are some ideas to get you started:


Cheat sheet

Resource list



Video course


If you offer a product/service, you could also try offering a discount or a free trial. This could be a great option to use.

3. Choose an email provider

If you’re relying on something like Feedburner to deliver your emails you need to drop it and switch over to a serious email provider.

What email service provider do I recommend?

There’s only one:

Why do I recommend HostThenprofit as AutoResponder?

It’s easy to use, and many tools are include.

And it’s great for small AND large businesses, and you 

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5 Steps to Branding You

5 Steps to Branding You

There are five mains steps to creating your own brand on the Internet and we will explain each in detail.

Anyone can learn the steps we are about to talk about.

The key is taking the time to learn them and we make those steps simple to follow at the Contact List Builder.

1. Registering your own name as a Domain Name

2. Hosting your Domain name and installing a WordPress Blog

3. Adding a subscriber opt-in for to your blog

4. Create a blog post and embed a video

5. Get traffic to your website

to learn How to do that easily

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