iPhone 8 Concept with Curved Display ,Based on Patent Documents | Techconfigurations

iPhone 8 Concept Visit: http://www.techconfigurations.com/2016/06/iphone-8-concept-with-curved-display.html While we are still months away from the official …
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Check Out These Amazing iPhone 8 Rumors

The iPhone 7 has just been released and there are already rumors about the iPhone 8. Should people skip this upgrade and wait for the next one? Subscribe To …
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Exciting times ahead

From MikeG. 

Exciting times ahead

We continue to grow like crazy as more and more people world wide begin to realize smartphones are currently outselling laptops and pc’s about 12 to 1, and as of the end of August for the first time in history people spent more time with their apps then with websites.
So not only are apps beginning to replace websites as the dominant “www” resource but it is projected that by the end of 2018, 90% of all internet traffic will come from a smartphone. And, as you know, smartphones lower the “www” entry point significantly – no longer is a laptop or pc or independent isp required – and because of this it’s also projected that the internet will triple in size by the end of 2018.
If these facts do not propel your prosperity glands into overdrive, I do not know what will.
By the way, you can see these stats for yourself at www.internetlivestats.com, look at the bottom couple of rows and you’ll be amazed.
ICANGet2 the right product and at the right time in history. 
It fits perfectly into the new demographics of the net, at $14.95 those hundreds of millions of new net users who join our industry because they can afford a smartphone (almost always just for signing a usage contract), can easily afford ICANGet2 and that frankly is our real secret to success.
There are lots of ways to market ICANGet2.
Various tools in the back office, and the signature file which is free and effective, which can also be modified to easily work as a short post, solo ad, or classified ad, and is also amazingly powerful.
But, if you are willing to actually call and speak to prospects (and unless you have a list of hundreds of thousands like I do, this has always been the most successful way to build a team) – yes, it requires work but yes, it pays off.
Therefore we have a new program where we will send you 100 leads, people who are or have been in mlm, and along with four scripts (we call them ‘scenario’ scripts), to use for talking, voicemail, text, etc. and we are doing this at our expense. All I ask when you finish your first 100, in order to get a 2nd batch of 100, or 3rd, etc, just send me a brief summary of how many people joined your team because you called them, built a relationship, and they joined.

When you connect with our team you grow together: 

click http://denischarest.icanget2.com
Denis Charest

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Could not connect iphone

Could not connect iphone 5 and iphone 6

By carefully observing the holes in the Lightning port and headphones with a magnifying glass, I noticed that their background was covered with a white fluff, accumulated over time, by dint of staying in the pocket. By gently removing waste with a plastic toothpick, everything returned to normal. It took me much stress because everything was packed at the bottom. These ports are real nest dust! This is the first time I have such a concern with mobile.

iPhone 6

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