Apple – iPhone 5 – Learn some helpful iPhone tips and tricks

Apple – iPhone 5 – Learn some helpful iPhone tips and tricks


iPhone is capable of some pretty incredible things.

Things you might not even know. Here are some tips and tricks you’ll master in no time.

iPhone 5


Go into the Camera app, press on the Options button at the top of the screen,
and select Panorama. Tap on the arrow to change direction of the panorama you
want to capture – left to right or right to left.

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Panorama tips and tricks

You’ll have to hold the phone in portrait for it to work. Hold the phone in
landscape mode to do a « vertical » panorama up to the stars.

AE/AF Lock

To change the exposure or the focus of your shot, tap anywhere on the screen and
it will change instantly. To lock that exposure or focus (great for dramatic
panoramas) press and hold on the screen until the square box « locks in ».


To help your picture composition even further in the Camera app go to Options,
and toggle the Grid on.


HDR or High Dynamic Range is an effect that lets you take a picture and then
have the iPhone  try
to balance the dark
and light areas of the photo. If
you want to see this in action, go to Options and toggle HDR. iOS by default
will save a HDR and non-HDR photo for you. To turn off that feature, go to
Settings > Photos & Camera and scroll to the bottom to toggle that feature off.

Insert Photos in Mail

Go into the Mail app, tap on the compose new mail icon. In the body of the
message press and hold with your finger. Wait for the menu to appear that says
« Select, Select All, Paste », press on the arrow to the right and then select
« Insert Photo or Video »  and select the picture you want.

Share a video to YouTube

Although Apple has removed the YouTube app, you can still upload videos directly
to YouTube. Go to Photos select the video you want, press the « Share » icon and
then click on YouTube.

Get YouTube back

Go to the App Store, search for YouTube, download the official YouTube App from

Turn on Shared Photo Streams

One of the new features in iOS 6 is the ability to share Photo Streams with
others. To do this go to Settings > Photos & Camera. Then toggle the Shared
Photo Streams option.

Share a Photo Stream

Go to the Photos app, press Edit, select one or more pictures, press share in
the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. When the pop-up menu appears press on
Photo Streams. Type the recipient’s name, the name of the Photo Stream, and
whether you want there to be a public website for all to see.

Send five photos via email

Go to Photos, tap on the Edit button at the top right of the screen, tap on the
five images you want to share, then tap on the share button. Tap on the Mail
icon and the images will be put in an email ready for you to send. Trying to
select more than five will disable the Mail option.


The Mail app gets new tricks too such as VIP, Flagged emails and per account
Signatures. Here’s how you go about setting those up.

iPhone 5

Refresh your inbox

In iOS 5 you would have to press an arrow button, now you just drag down from
the top of the page as if the inbox was on an elastic band.


If you get a lot of emails and don’t want to miss certain emails from certain
people (your other half or the boss, for example) you can make them a VIP. To
make someone a VIP, find an email from them, press on their name to see their
Contacts card. Beneath their details press on the setting « Add to VIP ». They are
now a VIP. To Remove them go to the same place.

Mark as Unread or Flag

To mark as Unread in Inbox view, press the « Flag » icon at the bottom left-hand
side of the status bar at the bottom of your screen. A pop-up menu will appear
and you can select to Mark as Unread or Flag.

See your VIP or Flagged inboxes    

In the Inbox view press on the Mailboxes icon at the top left hand side of the
screen. It will take you to all your inboxes, and your VIP and Flagged inboxes

Multiple email signatures

If you have more than one email account on your iPhone ,
iOS 6 will let you have different email signatures for different accounts.

To set up your signatures, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and
scroll down to Signature. Tap on Signature and then Per Account. You can then
add personalised signatures for the accounts you want.


A new iOS a new Maps app to learn and master. These tricks will help get you

Change the volume for turn-by-turn directions

If you want to change the default volume for turn-by-turn directions, go into
Settings > Maps. And you can then change the volume to « No Volume », « Low
Volume », « Normal Volume » or « Loud Volume » if you are in your soft-top

Miles or kilometres

If you’re a KM kind of person you can change Maps to give you distances in
kilometres instead of miles. To do this go to Settings > Maps, and then select
which metric you want.


To see major cities in 3D with all the Sim City-like buildings, you need to find
the city you want to view, make sure you are in satellite mode, and then press
the « 3D » icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

See the world

Open Apple Maps, make sure you are in satellite mode, pinch to zoom out as far
as you can, and you’ve got the whole wide world in your hand

How to get Google Maps back 

You can’t at the moment, but you can create a home screen icon to access the web
version of Google Maps quickly. To do this Open Safari and enter the URL, then click OK when the Notification pop-up appears asking
whether you are happy for « » to use your current
location. When the page finishes loading, click on the share icon in the centre
of the menu bar at the bottom and click on the « Add to Home Screen Icon », on the
next pane click « Add » in the top right-hand corner. You are done. When you want
to find yourself, simply click on this icon and as long as you have internet
access you’ll be able to use the Google Maps service.


Siri gets new tricks and instructions for you to bark at it. Here’s a couple to
help you get the football scores quicker.

Launch apps with Siri

Click and hold the Home button and say, « Launch Music », or « Safari », or
« Facebook » and Siri will open up the app you’ve asked for.

UK football scores

Click and hold the Home button and say, « What was the football score for West
Ham » or whatever team you support. Siri will go off and find the latest score
from the last game your team played. You can also use to find out where they are
in the league too.

What’s on at the movies?

You can also ask Siri what’s on at the movies. Simply say, « What’s on at Odeon
Cinema Bracknell today » or wherever you live and it will go off and get movie
details for you


Facebook gets the Twitter treatment in iOS 6 allowing you to quickly share with
your friends.

Post to Facebook

The iPhone  now
shares stuff with Facebook, allowing you to post status updates from your phone
quickly. To do this you drag down from the top of the screen to reveal the
notification centre. The tap on the Facebook icon with the words « Tap top Post »
next to it.

Update all Contacts

To get Facebook profile photos for your Contacts go to Settings > Facebook and
tap on the Update All Contacts button.

Disable Facebook from Calendar and Contacts

If the idea of filling your Contacts and Calendar with Facebook friends sounds
too much don’t worry you can turn it off. Go to Settings > Facebook and toggle
off the relevant settings on that page.

Tell your friends what you are buying

Facebook is now also in iTunes ,
allowing you to Like tracks and albums. To show your love for a track or an
album open a track, tap Reviews, and tap Like.


Sharing gets a lot more control in the new iOS 6. Here’s how to make the most of
the new features.

Enable Passbook to work when 
iPhone 5 is

The idea with Passbook, Apple’s new ticket wallet hub, is that you use it to
access movie tickets or boarding passes quickly. To make sure this works, go to
Settings > Passcode Lock. Once you’ve entered your Passcode lock you can set
whether you want Passlock to be accessed or not. While you are there you can
also turn-off Siri access.

Limit Ad Tracking

With more and more apps offering you ads, you can turn off the ability for the
ads to track you, but it is buried in iOS 6. To do this go to Settings > General
> About > Advertising. Toggle the option to Limit Ad Tracking.

Location Services

You can set which apps can see where you are and which apps can’t. To do this go
to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and select which apps you want to
track where you are and those you don’t.

Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photos, Bluetooth Sharing, Twitter and Facebook

Some apps want to have access to a lot of your data. If you don’t want to share
that data with certain apps you can now opt not to individually, app by app. To
do this go to Settings > Privacy. You can control everything from here.


There are plenty of new features in Safari of which to take advantage, including
offline reading, iCloud tab support and the ability to upload images to

Full-screen browsing

To view your favourite website without any clutter, rotate your iPhone into
the landscape position and tap on the two arrows pointing away from each other
in the bottom right of the screen. To get the address bar back scroll towards
the top of the screen.

Add to Reading list for reading offline

Safari on iOS 6 now supports offline reading, handy if you want to carry on
reading an article on the Underground or on a plane that doesn’t have Wi-Fi. To
do this, on the web page you want to save, press the « Share » icon at the bottom
and tap on the « Add to Reading List » icon. To get that page again, press the
bookmarks icon at the bottom of the screen and tap on the Reading List option.

iCloud Tabs

If you’ve got Safari on the desktop you can catch up where you left off on iOS 6
too. In Safari, press on the bookmarks icon and then iCloud Tabs. It will reveal
the tabs you had/have open on your desktop
computer  even if your computer
is off. If you’ve got other devices with iOS 6 on them linked to the same
account, it will display those too.

Choose your search engine

As default Safari on iOS 6 uses Google, but if you prefer Bing you can change
the iPhone to
use that or Yahoo instead. To do this go to Settings > Safari > Search Engine
and change to your preferred search results there.

Search within current page

If you are looking for a specific word in a webpage you can search for it via
the search box in Safari. Go to Safari, type in what you are looking for then
scroll down to the bottom of the page. The number of incidences of the word will
appears at the bottom.

Upload images

Previously you’ve not been able to upload images to a CMS or site such as Flickr
from the iPhone,
but you can now. To do this go to the site to which you want to upload an image
and tap on « Choose File ». You can then select an image from your Photos gallery.


Automatic updates

To make sure you get automatic updates with your boarding passes using Passbook
tap the « i » icon and select Automatic Updates. You can also set it to Show on
the Lock Screen too.

General tips for iOS 6

It’s not just specific apps that have got new features, there are plenty of new
bits and bobs to take advantage of around the whole of iOS 6.

A better alarm

You can now choose to wake up to a song of your choice rather than just a sound.
Go to the Clock app > Alarm. Either opt to edit an alarm you already have or
press the « plus » symbol to create a new one.

In the next panel press « Sound » and then scroll up rather than down. Press « Pick
a song » and choose the song you want from your iTunes Library.

Reply with Message

When you get a call in iOS 6, if it is a mobile
phone  number you can reject it
with a text message to save your having to then go through a number of hoops as
you do with iOS 5. Next time someone calls press and slide up the « Phone » icon.
To set  several « boiler plate » replies go to Settings > Phone > Reply with
Message. You can have three ready and waiting next time someone calls.

Remind yourself to call back

Tap Remind Me Later and you can have your phone remind you « In 1 hour », « When I
Leave », or « When I get home ». The last two work by using your phone’s GPS to
register that you are on the move. To set up where home is, make sure your
address details are in your own card in Contacts as your home address.

Do Not Disturb

Addicted to work, but need a push to say that you should stop. Maybe an
important meeting that you don’t want to be disturbed in unless it is really
important? Then you need Do Not Disturb. To get it up and running go to Settings
> Do Not Disturb. To change the settings of Do Not Disturb however you need to
go to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb. Here you can set a schedule
(say, every night from 10pm) on whether you’ll allow calls from your favourites
or those who call you repeatedly.

Tap to go to the top

If you want to go to the top of the page in Safari, or the top of your Inbox, or
Twitter list, or anywhere for that matter, single tap on the clock at the top of
the screen and you’ll zip up to the top of the page. Handy.

Lost iPhone

Prone to losing your phone? iOS 6 has a lost phone mode that can be accessed via
the Find iPhone app
on another device or via Via the service you can have your phone
ring so you can find it down the back of the sofa, or if it is on and got a
signal see where it is via GPS. If you’ve lost it completely you can either lock
it or remote wipe it so your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

iPhone 5 review

If you are a bit more trusting than that, you can set up Lost Mode that prompts
whoever has found it to call a specific number so you can get the phone back.

Setting up different tones for different tasks

Settings > Sounds, and choose the various sounds and vibrations patterns you
want for each service.

Vibrate on Ring

You can now have your iPhone Vibrate
on Ring, Vibrate on Silent, or none of the above. To do this go to Settings >
Sounds and select the options you want.

Share your tips


Do you have any tips for iOS 6 that you want to share? Let us know what they are
in the comments below.

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