Building Relationships with Your Prospects

Building Relationships with Your Prospects

As you’re working to build your business,

one of the most important things you can do

is build Relationships with your prospects.


You’ve spent time writing blog posts that speak to your potential business partners.

You’ve gone out and marketed those bog posts. People have come back to your website and opted in to your Autoresponder. That’s all good! Now your work really gets started as you go about building Relationships with them. Your Autoresponder is a good tool for this.

It is important to email your list frequently, even daily. This is how you’re going to build that trust and the feeling that they know you and like you. As you’re writing your emails, think about what it is that your readers want. It is important to know their wants, needs, and fears so those issues can be effectively addressed. This is not as hard as you might think because, remember, YOU too are a part of your target market!

As you’re writing your emails, think of everyone you are contacting as a personal friend of yours. You want to communicate with them in this manner. Be conversational, be excited, and be sincere.

Know the hot emotional buttons of your prospect and make sure you use those in your communications. What is the one thing that your prospect wants more than anything?

What is the one thing they would like to change about their life? Find out what your prospect wants and give it to them!

Talk directly to your prospect. Use their name. Use « you » statements. This makes the writing much more personal!

Create Interest by Telling Stories or giving them Testimonials.

People don’t like theories and they don’t need facts. They like real life examples with real life people involved. Everyone loves reading a good story! Remember, facts tell, but it’s the stories that sell.

People are online looking for solutions or answers. Don’t try to sell them right away.

Keep them reading, get their attention, explain the BENEFITS, build the relationship, create a desire for your offer… and then ask for the sale.

Always keep in mind your prospect in a person just like you. Treat them as you would like to be treated and you will have no problem communicating effectively!

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