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Contact List Builder is growing have you looked

I am excited with the progress and development

of our Contactlistbuilder program and I am
feeling really good about where Janet & Don are
going with the program.

Did you get a chance to look at the site?

I encourage you to consider joining as a CLB
Founding Member to take full advantage of
all the bonuses available now and in the future.

CLB is still in its infancy stages and the team
looks forward to working closely with you as a
founding member of this great program.

Come learn all about our CLB 5 Step Success Plan
that is guaranteed to get you into profit with a
directed Focused Plan of Action.

The CLB -contactlistbuilder 5 Step Success Plan consists of:

Step 1. Goals and Mindset
Step 2. A Focused Plan of Action
Step 3. Branding You
Step 4. Building Your List
Step 5. Building Relationships and Creating Loyal Customers

As you can see, we cover everything you need to
create a successful business using Internet tools
and resources to attract loyal customers.

Our focus is YOUR business and I invite you
to come and explore why CLB is different and
why CLB can and will work for you.

Skype me at dcharest1 if you have questions
or you are just anxious to get started. I`d love
to chat.

Have a great day,

Denis Charest
The Contact List Builder

P.S. Don and Janet want to assure you that
they have your best interests at heart along
with those of your team ? let us help you build
a stronger team by duplicating results.

Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness .. let us help you be prepared!

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