Tablet: Gorilla Glass: Gorilla 2 Corning

Tablet: Gorilla Glass: Gorilla 2 Corning

Gorilla 2

Corning has presented the new generation of Gorilla Glass,

the (allegedly) Super resistant glass popularized by the iPhone original and now common in most of the smartphones of high-end, tablets and all sorts of consumer electronicsdevices. The new Gorilla Glass 2 boasts being 20% thinner while maintaining the same resistance to shock and scratches, which ultimately can lead to thinner devices, a better tactile response and more bright and crisp images.


Although the iPhone or the iPad do not appear anywhere in the list of products with Gorilla Glass for the website of Corning, the company warns that due to their confidentiality agreements they cannot identify all products that incorporate it, something that sounds very typical of Apple.

What we know, we know through the Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson, where, in one of its most interesting fragments, we discover how Jobs managed to convince the CEO of Corning so they desperate glass the firstiPhone screen using a chemical process that had developed in the 1960s and for which had never found market.

at the beginning Weeks assured you Jobs that they lacked the capacity to produce the amount of Gorilla glass Apple needed and that the false confidence did not help him overcome engineering challenges that would face. A premise that Jobs had already proved repeatedly unwilling to accept. « Yes you can have it. » Get the idea. « You can do it »

according to Isaacson, Weeks has in his Office a framed souvenir; email Jobs sent him the day in that the iPhone was released: « Could not have done without you ».

Advancing until 2010, tells Isaacson as Jonathan Ive, Vice-President of industrial design of Apple, carried the main members of his team to Corning that they manufactured the glass on the orders of the foremen of the company. « The company was working this year on a glass a lot stronger, codenamed was crystal Godzilla, and they hoped to someday be able to create crystals and ceramic hard enough so that they could be used on an iPhone that does not need a flange metal. »

Weeks saw this chapter with a firm declaration: « Jobs and Apple made us improve. » « We are all a few fans of the products we produce. » With all this in mind and given that Gorilla Glass production has become one of the businesses of the company’s fastest-growing (only in 2011 already generated more than 700 million dollars, three times the previous year), it is difficult to think that they have split from Apple.Source:


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