Great honors today for our massive growth ThatFreeThing

This is the last email that i had received recently in my email:


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Hey Denis,

Happy Friday… It’s Payday!

Our members love Friday’s because each and every Friday you get paid… and today is no different!

So far our members have earned over $600,000 in total
commissions since March 1st. WOW, that’s pretty incredible for a
$25 opportunity and $10/month.

We actually just received two really great honors today for our
massive growth.

1. (we are #3 here)

2. (we are #2 here)

This type of recognition can make your business explode. By
using these credible 3rd party resources people see That Free
Thing is the real deal!

Make sure you use these stats to your advantage!

Now back to commissions…

If this is your first time being paid today then you will
receive an email from the following email address…

Please make sure you put this email on your safe sender list to
ensure delivery. This email includes instructions on setting up
your account and claiming your first earnings.

A quick refresher on how commissions are paid out…

Each week ends Sunday at 11:59pm PST

Anything that you earn during the week from Monday to Sunday
moves from your Estimated Earnings to your My Bank instantly at 12:00am Monday.

You have 48 hours to withdraw your money… All money that is
requested by Tuesday will be paid out 3 days later on Friday.

If you DO NOT withdraw your commissions by Tuesday at midnight
then you will have to wait until the following Friday, or
whenever you decide to withdrawal your earnings.

Again, every Friday is payday!

More Announcements…

Our Invite tool is now open for all members who have enrolled 5
people or more. This tool will be available for everyone on
Monday May 23rd.

Big Webinar on Monday…

We are holding a special Business Presentation Webinar on Monday
at the regularly scheduled time. This is a perfect webinar to
bring guests on.

You will receive a few more emails about this special webinar so
just make sure you are registered and that you can be on it.

We are rocking… Now is the time when fortunes are made! We
have created worldwide momentum and now that we are starting to
create some real buzz, its time to get to work.

Here’s to our Success!
– TFT Support


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