Have you been yet? tohight 21h00 Eastern

Have you been yet?


A quick note about the CLB Presentation Webinar

Have you ever been?

If you are struggling to learn how to

use the Internet to make money then
you want to come to this webinar.

We will also talk further about the
new CLB University and our first
product on « How To Create Fame ».

You want to be there tonight!

The webinar is at 9PM Eastern and you
have your own personal CLB link that you
can use to invite your guests.


So do go and invite ok?

We look forward to seeing you and
your guests on our live webinar
tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern.

(That’s 6PM Pacific, 7PM Mountaing
8PM Central, 10PM Atlantic)

See you there,

Janet, Don Legere
and Denis Charest for
The Contact List Builder

Skype dcharest1
and let’s have a conversation about
your business, ok?

Make it a great day, smile!

Denis Charest
Skype id: dcharest1

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