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Could not connect iphone

Published on 11/09/2016 By denis

Could not connect iphone 5 and iphone 6 By carefully observing the holes in the Lightning port and headphones with a magnifying glass, I noticed that their background was covered with a white fluff, accumulated over time, by dint of staying in the pocket. By gently removing waste with a plastic toothpick, everything returned to […]

Do you have an iPhone Then Use iPocket VIDEO in your Marketing

Published on 22/10/2014 By denis

 Click here:        Click here:   You already know the power of video marketing. How it lets you sell more products, bank more commissions and have new clients desperate to pay you money. That’s why people who can create top videos get to charge hundreds or even thousands for their work. You might have heard some […]

The iPhone 6 grows up ( More From CNET) September 16

Published on 16/09/2014 By denis

The iPhone 6 grows up ( More From CNET) September 16 The Good A bigger, crisp display, improved LTE and Wi-Fi speeds, better camera autofocus, bumped-up storage capacities to 128GB at the top end, and NFC Apple Pay mobile wallet features on the horizon. The Bad In early tests, the iPhone 6’s battery doesn’t fare any better than […]

Two more sweet iPhone 6 concepts Apple should (but won’t) make

Published on 21/04/2014 By denis

Two more sweet iPhone 6 concepts Apple should (but won’t) make An iPhone 6 that perfects what Samsung got right with the Galaxy Note and fits into a gaming controller with built-in projector? Yes, please. We could see something like this iPhone 6 concept one day, but probably not from Apple.   Two more epic iPhone […]