Last chance :-(

Hello to you this is the last mail that i send to my members list:

Your invitation from me Denis to pre register

for the pre launch of GVOconference is about to expire..
In fact we are going public with the product in early January
2011!Get on the early bird list now!

It is free to lock in your position in this amazing opportunity

so you will want to check it out now 😀

Just visit:


On that page all your need to do is submit your

name and email address..then you will be asked for a username and

and then you have LOCKED yourself in on the early

bird list for this MASSIVE launch!!

Listen.. this is why this is going to be so AMAZING…

I have really hooked you up here!!

I just got off the phone with my good friend

Joel Therien and boy have I hooked you up!!

If you do not have time to read this email take two

seconds and get in on the VERY top of this MLM

with me!


You see..Joel has made MILLIONS in the online MLM

industry over the past few years!

Now here is how I’ve hooked you up!!

He is launching something brand new and he has given

me permission to contact you directly to get on

the EARLY BIRD list..

(he was originally saving the top of this matrix with close

colleagues, but because we are such close friends I convinced

him to allow me to contact you now)

As you know, timing is everything in Network Marketing!

Get on TOP of this MLM with me..

Right now.. you can get on the Early bird list right now free


Now for those of you who have time to read..In 2004 Joel Launched an
AMAZING VoIP conference

solution called Hotconference.

In just 3 months the product has over 7 million.. YES

seven million end users and downloads..

It grew so fast, that he grew himself and his datacenter

in Canada literally almost out of business..

It was launched in January 2004

By April 2004 it had 7 million end users!

By May it had grown so big that the company that provided

fibre optics to his datacenter told him there was no fibre

left in the city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

Fast forward to 2010..

Joel relocated his family and staff from Ottawa, Canada to

San Antonio, Texas.. (where fibre optics and bandwidth is


Just so that he could re launch this amazing product and


He spent millions setting up a brand new datacenter in San

Antonio texas, and now 7 years later.. he is re launching

a TOTALLY amazing opportunity and product..

Ok stop reading and get on the early bird list with me now!


Ok for those who want more information :DRemember.. history always
repeats itself, Joel fully

expects to have well over 10 million users in the first


I know that sound unrealistic, but if they had 7 million

before.. no reason they wont again! Especially because

I have seen the new version of their product and trust me

NOTHING on the market compares to it!!

I have truly recognized that this is a great opportunity and

I WILL be promoting the #$@% out
of it.

I am sure you recognize it too.. take two seconds and

get on the early bird list diflucan cheap RIGHT NOW 😀



P.S. Joel will be taking down the early bird registration

very soon, so be sure just to take 2 seconds and register



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