Ionyte is a powerful electrolyte of ionic minerals

Organic Mineral Complex

Ionyte is a powerful electrolyte of ionic minerals

Ionyte also contains Organic Complexes from plants, plus
the full spectrum of minerals from AquaLyte.  If you are not familiar with organic complexes, they contain the « building blocks » the plant uses to create the nutrients in our food.  They contain traces of amino acids (that form proteins), traces of vitamins, traces of enzymes, and traces of minerals.  These are the raw materials that the plants use to make the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.  Organic complexes also contain the « life-force » and « energy » in our food.
The problem is . . .
Organic Complexes are almost non-existent in our food supply due to improper chemical farming methods.  We have known since at least 1936 that our soils are mineral deficient and so are the foods grown in this soil and therefore, so are we who eat the food.  The solution has been supplementation with powdered rocks in tablets and capsules. But there is a major problem. You can’t bypass the plant.  If you analyze the mineral content of soil and then analyze the fruits and vegetables grown in that soil, you will find that they are not only mineral deficient, they are nutrient deficient, as well.  Organic produce isn’t the answer either. Organic just means the produce is grown without chemicals. It doesn’t mean it was grown in mineral rich soil.
You see, the plant is a factory.  How else could you explain getting a red tomato from a green plant?  The nutrients the plant manufactures are in direct proportion to the mineral content of the soil.  Therefore, the lower the mineral content, the lower the nutrient content and the amount of organic complexes in our food.  The easiest way for you to tell is by the taste of fruits and vegetables.  Ever notice the dramatic difference between most of the produce in the grocery store and what you can get at a Farmers Market?  They are much sweeter when homegrown.
And there is the key: Plants need minerals to create the sugars, which are indicators of all the rest of the nutrient levels.  A simple measurement of the sugar content (Brix reading) will tell you if the rest of the nutrients are present.  Lower sugar means lower vitamins, lower proteins, lower enzymes, and lower everything else we need to be healthy.  And, it means lower organic complexes.  Since Ionyte contains these precious organic complexes, plus all the minerals, it can provide these vital building blocks missing from our food.

Ionyte helps compensate for our deficient food supply and…so much more!

Benefits of Ionyte
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Helps eliminate digestive problems
  • Helps eliminate aches and pains in muscles and joints
  • Helps Boost your natural immune system
  • Powerful antioxidant protection against free radicals
  • Speeds healing of cuts, burns, bruises, insect bites/stings
  • Activates enzyme systems involved in every bodily function
  • Helps eliminate mineral deficiencies
  • Helps eliminate acne and other skin problems (topically)
  • Safe for all ages and beneficial for pets and plants too


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A Doctor’s experience with Ionyte

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Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2016


With these codes you unlock new features and information in iPhone. iPhone is one of the best smartphones in all smartphones. We all know iPhone is first smartphone that’s why iPhone is popular in wordwide. We use iPhone in daily life but we don’t know much about Iphone. In this post we revealed some best Top 10 iPhone secrets codes.
Open Dialer in iPhone and type these codes you know some hidden secrets about iPhone.

These codes works in all iPhones. So try these iPhone Secret Codes in your phone.

Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes 2016

Codes Functioning
  • It will displays your iPhone IMEI. It is a identifier for your mobile phone hardware.
  • This code opens you field mode which contains all of iPhone inner settings, cell information and newest network.
  • You can check the number in order to call forwarding when the iPhone is busy. And again, but for when the iPhone is busy.
*646# (Postpaid only)
  • It will display you available minutes.
*225# ( Postpaid only)
  • To check the Bill Balance
  • To check the Account balance use this code for prepaid iPhone only.
  • You can check call control bars by using this code. Also for see whether barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing you can check all the usual suspects like  fax, SMS, voice, information, etc.
  • For checking connected line presentation is enabled or not you can use this code. like to the calling line presentation you can also check whether the connected line presentation is enabled or disabled.
  • You can set inquiry for call forwards. Find the settings for your call forwarding. You will see whether you have fax, SMS, voice, knowledge, sync, async,  paid access &   packet access  call forwarding enabled or disabled.
  • It will let you know about the use of information info.
  • To check number of missed calls.
  •  You can verifies the number for forwarding calls If there is no service is available. .
  •  EFR mode Enhanced Full Rate improves your iPhone voice quality, but it will slightly reduced battery life.
  • To check  SMS center.
  • Barring code # Outgoing calls abroad to block the lock code to inquire about her please contact your network operator.
  • Call Waiting Status.
  •  Activate a waiting.
  • Deactivate waiting.
  • It allow you hide your number.

source:  http:// best-iphone-secret- codes/

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