Brand new technology – We are going to turn Facebook into a Network Marketing Machine for you

Brand new technology – We are going to turn Facebook into a Network Marketing Machine for you

Here is why this new system will be so duplicatable:

  1. The value proposition is very simple. Which is « If you can share great information on your Facebook wall you will make money! »

    Who doesn’t love Facebook and Facebook Fan Pages (aside from your boss at work lol). So now you will be able to share and send people to our Facebook Fan Page and if people buy, you will get credit!

No one is doing this… No one has turned Facebook into a Network Marketing Machine for you.

Check Video of that new tool :

This new technology will be ready in the next week!

If you want to take a place in this opportunity

click on this link:

Denis Charest

or on your phone or tablet:

ICANGet2 Training Calls!

ICANGet2 Training Calls!

Inaugural Training Call (   Time:    1h50   )

Mike Glaspie, Tom Wilkes, and Amy Mossel host the first ICANGet2 training teleconference!

Direct MP3 link (right click to Save to your hard drive)

Take position Here:

or Contact Us and give them « denischarest » as partner!

We’re here for you!

Post: ICANGet2

Box 1886

Palm City,

FL 34991

Phone: (866) 350-4872

Web: Click Here


Denis Charest

or on your phone or tablet:

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It’s YOUR app!
As soon as you place your order, we create your app and pre-design it with the ICANGet2 program AND customize it with your Name and Email already on it!
But, you can change the messages on any of your app’s pages at any time! Want to promote ICANGet2 this week, then another program next week, then a different program the following week and so on? No problem! Just log into your Admin Area, type some text, upload new photos, and that’s it!
Whoever has downloaded your app will see your new content instantly in real time.
And sending out your message broadcasts is just as easy! Log in, type your message, press submit… And POW! all your subscribers instantly get a text message or Push Notification! You can do this as often as you like! We offer true unlimited text messaging!
And YOU do not even need to have a smartphone yourself to be a big part of this revolution with us!

Login from ANY web browser (desktop, smartphone, tablet etc) to customize your app with anything you like! The simple interface requires NO technical knowledge to change whatever you wish to prmote. If you can type and press submit, you can customize your own app!

Think of your app as software for a smart phone that allows you to change its content and brand and promote any site or business you want anytime! And when you do it automatically shows up on the already downloaded smart phone. It’s AMAZING!

Super-easy text and push broadcasts to all your app users! All you do is log in to your app management area (from any PC or mobile device), go to your Messaging Center, enter your message and press submit. It could not be simpler!