President of Guatemala says Stop War On Drugs

Stop War On Drugs

President of Guatemala says Stop War On Drugs

Guatemala is in Central America

Guatemala - President of Guatemala, Otto Pérez Molina
Pérez Molina, President of Guatemala, says,

“Stop War On Drugs” …  “legalize drugs” … 

Call off war on drugs, leader of Guatemala tells the west

 ‘”My country bears the scars from the war on drugs”

Guatemala’s president says that leaders of drug-consuming countries in
the west have to accept it has brought Latin countries to their knees.

In any war there are innocent victims. In the 40-year war on drugs, the
central American state of Guatemala can lay claim to being just such an
innocent casualty. It has been caught in thecrossfire between
the nations to the south (principally Peru, Colombia and Bolivia) that
produce illegal narcotics and the country to the north (America) that
has the largest appetite to consume them. Guatemala does little of

After watching these videos my heart is sad and my tears won’t stop.
touching to hear first hand, Guatemalan president, pleading for an end to
what they are suffering.

What can be done? He gives strong reasoning for what he is requesting.

Guatemala calls for legalization of drugs in Central America

Guatemala’s president, Otto Perez Molina, says the west’s “war on drugs” has
failedand continuing with prohibition will only cost more lives, he declared,
in an interview in the Observer.

“I believe western countries fail to understand the reality that
countries such as Guatemala and those of Central America have to live
in,” said Pérez Molina.

Central American Leaders debate legalizing drugs?

The President of Guatemala,
Otto Pérez Molina continues…

He said western leaders must look beyond their domestic agendas. ” A
message should be sent to the leaders of the countries with the biggest
drug markets.

They must think not only of… the context of their country, but of what
is happening in the world, in regions such as Central America, where
this destruction, this weakening of democracy, is happening. They must
be open to recognising that the struggle against drugs, in the way it
has been conducted, has failed.”He said the cartels were getting
stronger. “The flow of arms towards Central America from the north and
deaths in our country have grown.”

President Otto Perez Molina of Guatemala and Amanda Feilding launch Beckley
Foundation Guatemala

He does not favour full legalisation of narcotics but is arguing for the
introduction of a regulated drugs market.

Pérez Molina also said he has a message for western drug users. “They
should reflect not only on the harm to their own health, but also on the
deaths that enable them to consume that cocaine.”

I love the grace and manners that the Latin American peoples have.
love that they always recognize God in their everyday lives. They seem so
aware of their Creator

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