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Hello READERS of my Blog, It’s for you before March!

You have just a few more days left before
everyone gets placed in my forced matri


in this new program.
The real question you need to ask yourself
is NOT whether or not this is perfect business
for you.
The real question you need to ask yourself:
« Is this the right timing for this opportunity? »
My partners and I will be putting thousands of
new people into this business over the next 3-6
months and beyond. Do you want to be in above
those people in my forced matrix? Do you want
to be able to offer this same opportunity to join
before 1000’s of people do – to your close contacts?
This is a simple $25 decision today to grab your
position. It’s NOT $100’s of dollars. Only $25 to secure
your spot, then just $9.95 per month to qualify for
your checks. That’s right NO PERSONAL SPONSORING
is required.
If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, just  have a
look below. Here’s what it will look like starting at my spot:
Depending on how soon you join after receiving this email
will determine what level you are on and how many people
fall under you.
What level do you want to be on? How many people
do you want under you? It’s based on when you join!!
level 1: 3 positions
level 2: 9 positions
level 3: 27 positions
level 4: 81 positions
level 5: 243 positions
level 6: 729 positions
level 7: 2,187 positions
level 8: 6,561 positions
level 9: 19,683 positions
level 10: 59,049 positions
level 11: 177,147 positions
We will be literally putting 10,000’s of members into this
opportunity. So the question really becomes how many of
those do you want in your business?
I always hear people complaining that if they had been able
to get in FIRST, or if they could just work with TOP leaders,
they would be successful. Here’s your chance for both.
Don’t think about it, just do it – you can thank me later.
Getting Started:
Here’s my link to join:

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